De mii de ani nimeni nu stie unde se afla izvorul secret. Locul neatins de om care ascunde apa vie din inima Bucovinei

As no unanimous vote could be achieved for a first-prize winner, the award funds were allotted to two second-prize winners. Thus Milan-based designer Arian Brajkovic was awarded a 20,000 euro second-place prize, whereas the second such award was won by Athens-based Anamorphosis Architects  (Nikolaos Georgiadis, Konstantinos Kakogiannis, Panagiota Mamalaki, Vaios Zitonoulis, Andromachi Damala).

The third place, worth 5000 euros, was awarded to Sofia-based designer Andrey Mitov. In addition, the judges felt compelled to recognise Adam James Cavallari from Milan for the innovation exhibited by his submission. There were two honourable mentions, awarded to Mumbai-based James Baghel and Lime Studio from Barcelona.