De mii de ani nimeni nu stie unde se afla izvorul secret. Locul neatins de om care ascunde apa vie din inima Bucovinei

Waters Fit for an Emperor

By the late 18th century Bucovina became part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its water resources were noted in 1776 by the area’s first military governor, General Spleny. By 1812, the imperial Government of Galicia orders local authorities to see to it that the springs south of Vatra Dornei be developed to their full potential.

Those efforts appear to have been successful, and the region gained popularity. None other than Emperor Franz 1st noted in his diary that the waters found here “seem to be laden with healing qualities and are visited by many. There is a great spring of mineral water at any given juncture.”


The Modern Era

The 20th century brought frequent visitors to the mineral-water springs of Bucovina. Numerous studies dwelled on the chemical analysis of the waters, their therapeutic usage and the exact locations of aquifers. Bottling operations developed in earnest in the 20th century and by 1977, it is documented that mineral waters were bottled in no fewer than 26 different locations.