De mii de ani nimeni nu stie unde se afla izvorul secret. Locul neatins de om care ascunde apa vie din inima Bucovinei


The physicochemical nature of AQUA Carpatica mineral water, certified by complex studies and analyses, defines it as a natural mineral water, naturally sparkling, containing hydrogen carbonate, calcium and magnesium, strongly mineralized, suiting a low-sodium diet, and lacking any physicochemical and microbiological indicators of impurity, such as nitrogen compounds or microbiological populations. In one word, it’s PURE.


Its distinct sparkling is given by the entirely natural concentrations of carbon dioxide (from its own spring) which are perfectly balanced with the salts dissolved in the water. The uninterrupted sustenance and maintenance of this ample effervescence process is a clear outcome of its naturally sparkling nature, which is fully transferred when the water is bottled.

Its fully natural carbon dioxide content prevents it from having a foreign, unpleasant, bitter or astringent taste. Its optimum mineralization level allows it to retain carbon dioxide well, even after the opening of the bottle, which makes it suitable for the preparation of fresh and alcoholic drinks.

Health and energy intake

Its magnesium content resulting from completely ionized concentrations of Mg4+ allow it to be used for preserving the balance of neuromuscular system, making it particularly suitable for athletes and people with high physical activity levels.


Thanks to its low calorie levels, the absence of any proteins, carbohydrates, lipids or organic carbon in general, AQUA Carpatica mineral water may successfully complement a fruit-based diet, whenever you feel like striving for that perfect figure.