De mii de ani nimeni nu stie unde se afla izvorul secret. Locul neatins de om care ascunde apa vie din inima Bucovinei

Bucovina's unparalled beauty

Romania’s unique scenery is unmistakably defined by the Carpathian Mountains, which form Europe’s last stretch of untamed forest. Reigning supreme over the Carpathians is the Bucovina region—a land of savage landscapes, with valleys carpeted by wildflowers, strewn with ice-cold brooks jutting between majestic evergreen forests.

The Land of the Dornas lies at the convergence of the volcanic Călimani Mountains with the Bistriţa range, composed mainly of metamorphic rock. The imposing Rarău and Giumalău peaks are nearby, alongside unspolit, centuries-old forests inside protected national parks and reserves.