De mii de ani nimeni nu stie unde se afla izvorul secret. Locul neatins de om care ascunde apa vie din inima Bucovinei

Valvis Holding

AQUA Carpatica is sourced, bottled and distributed by Carpathian Springs, a Valvis Holding SA portfolio company. As such, it is but the latest project to be launched by an innovative organisation that can rightly boast of a solid and measurable track record of achievement across multiple industries, both at home and abroad.

We are proud of our history and seek to built on that tradition through our current projects.


1994–2002 – Blazing new trails

Valvis Holding started operating in Romania in the early 1990s, having taken over the formerly state-owned mineral-water operations in Vatra Dornei, northern Romania. Branded as DORNA, after the springs’ location in the area known as The Land of the Dornas, the mineral water was the first on the Romanian market to have modern packaging, as well as a coherent marketing and branding strategy. The approach was rewarded with remarkable success, as the Dorna portfolio of brands—in both still and sparkling water—was acquired by The Coca-Cola Company in 2002.

1998–2008 – Seizing new opportunities

In addition to mineral water, the Bucovina region is perhaps better known for its tradition in dairy farming. As it already had its operating base in the area, Valvis Holding identified an opportunity to capitalise on this tradition by establishing a dairy operation in 1998. We introduced long-lasting UHT milk to the Romanian market and soon developed a diversified product portfolio under the brand name LaDorna. The success of our dairy business attracted the attention of French conglomerate Lactalis SA, which acquired the operations, including a foreign-distribution business in Greece, in 2008.


2005A legend is reborn

In 2005, Valvis Holding acquired Viti-Pomicola Sâmbureşti, a winery with a long and storied history, but which had fallen into disrepair. We then began a multi-year, multi-million euro investment and renewal programme that aims to build on a rich wine-making legacy that began in the 16th century. Our goal is to return Sâmbureşti wines to their former glory, as attested to by the “Best Red Wine in the World” Distinction, received in Paris in 1891, to say nothing of the 47 gold medals and 20 silver ones received since then.

2007On The Cutting Edge Once Again

After taking over 7,600 hectares of land along the Danube in 2007, we were proud to produce Romania’s first crop of organic maize in 2010. The 400-tonne output was certified as organic in its entirety by BCS Oko Garantie GmbH Nuremberg.

At present, we are in the process of starting the production of organic breakfast cereals.

2008A unique project

Through our Agroelectrica division, Valvis Holding is developing a truly avant-garde project in Europe, integrating sustainable agriculture with a multi-platform energy production facility on an island along the Danube. It will integrate biomass, wind and solar energy in order to show that “green” is not just a fashion, but a way of life—and a key to business success.